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My Personal Picks for #MSICreatorAwards2021

Posted On: June 4, 2021 11:38 pm


This year's MSI Creator Awards 2021: This year, the theme of the competition is “Tech meets Aesthetic”. From the Renaissance, Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, these periods of time are all built upon craftsmanship of humanistic aesthetics and science. MSI takes “Technology meets Aesthetic” as a belief, and aims to inspire users across all fields. Judges are looking for artworks that can demonstrates the concept, convey vital insight, and display exceptional skill in each category....  read more


Transition from a student to a graphic design professional: 20 Tips on how to enter the design industry

Posted On: June 10, 2019 6:27 pm


The Dilemma of many aspiring graphic design professional is how to transition from a student to a graphic design professional. Here are 20 tips on how you can start […]...  read more


Creative Tips: 3 Quotes to live by in your creative journey

Posted On: February 16, 2019 1:02 am


First of all I would love to commend and thank Jaychrist Teves for his dedication in building his podcast to help creatives. Giving tips by conversing with creative professionals […]...  read more


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