My Personal Picks for #MSICreatorAwards2021

It’s the start of the month of June and the MSI Creator Awards Submission phase has just ended. I wanted to join tis contest but unfortunately I was too busy and couldn’t fit it to my schedule so my contribution for this great event would be to choose some of my personal picks.

It definitely wasn’t easy as there were a lot of great entries and here are some of them

Inner Dragon Awakes
Created by Vlad Sokolov

Black and red mixed in this artwork looks very nice. The elements are detailed yet with the use of hue and tones the important details stand out very well.

Robot Peace
Created by Illush Singh

The light source and the way this was render really brings out the surreal feeling of the theme “When Technology meets Aesthetic”

A Tale of A Trillion Months
Created by Amani Azlan

This artwork is very different from the first 2 but it’s in a style that’s personally something I find nice. I love the lively colors and details.

Human Body and Technology
Created by Sheren Valerie

The colors, the layout and the composition for this one just tickles my visual interest and also within the theme. Aside from the technical side of this artwork, the message is also very clear on how technology has afftected our aesthetic tastes, aka our daily life.

Palace of Aesthetic
Created by Sid

Aesthethic in general is a very broad term but palaces and fairy tales are definitely part of my personal aesthetic tastes.

man in vr
Created by yash bhardwaj

Virtual Reality, we are definitely entering a new world with this technology and is a great embodiment for technology. This artwork was greatly rendered and composed.

lavender planet exploration
Created by Ogeday Çelik

The color scheme used in this artwork is definitely a personal favorite. Purple things like the universe, wisteria are very attractive for my eyes. Space exploration is actually another way to show humanity’s technological advancement and exploring new planets is something we do in order to have a plan for the future of mankind.

Technology is the reflection of humanity
Created by Sid

From the creator “The greater growing engine of change is technology. That technology is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking and the aesthetic always came along the way what we think. We are changing the world with technology. In which aesthetic plays a great role.” I totally agree!

Agent Zero One
Created by elsinore miranda

This gives me movie poster vibes. Great job to the creator! The way all elements are placed in order to showcase aesthethic and technology is great. Very well presented!

Anyway so I hope you guys enjoyed this. Feel free to contact me for any comments and suggestions!

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