Italian Restaurant Branding Guideline Passion Project

One of the activities at work is to create a Passion Project. It was a very interesting and learning filled experience.

To further enhance your skills and design direction, color harmony and detail watching.
Create a LOGO and a BRANDING IDENTITY for an Italian themed restaurant.
The look and feel of it needs to be modern, sophisticated and inviting for tourists and diplomats. Think of it as a restaurant that is easily identified as one of the top of the list when it comes to exclusivity and ultimate in dining experience. This will be a restaurant most likely to be situated at BGC. It will cater to to markets such as class B and upper C. It will also have a unique and satisfying touch for diplomats/foreigners. They will be serving high class Italian cuisine and fine wines and other liquors.
The name, colors, font styles and artworks will be up to you. Go crazy! Make a beautiful piece of art with it. Use lorem ipsum for the content/text.
Create a logo (2-3 studies)
Select the best logo that you did and create a brand showcase along with a rationale for it while still having the other 2 logo options viewable.
Apply your chosen logo design on the following:
• Business card
• Paper bag/Take away bag
• Menu (any size, any material)
I will be checking up on your progress by next Thursday.
Your deadline will be on the 9th of September, Friday EOD.
Email your designs in JPEG or PNG formats.
Please treat this as a passion project, and our goal here is for you to be able to boast it on your portfolio. Imagine this as YOUR OWN RESTAURANT so you may convey your vision, love and creativity to this project.
Take as much time as you need and digest and love the project as if it were your own start up company. 
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