Jemmarie Bocalbos Logo Concept Workshop 2018 Promo

I finished my After Effects 2018 refresher online course from Lynda today and I decided to play around with this promo video.


Want to know how to get an endless supply of ideas and concept for your next logo masterpiece?

On October 6, 2018 I will be holding my conceptual logo design workshop in partnership with Creative Nation Academy. I will be sharing:

-Introduction to Logos.
-the types of logos
-when each types of logos are relevant to be used
-where and how to get inspirations and how to generate unique ideas.
-Stages of Logo Creation
-Presenting your ideas to the client.
-Basic formula in Pricing

By the end of the workshop I aim that you go home with the knowledge of:

-Logo output based on a provided brief.
-Design effective logos with purpose and meaning
-Tips on how to present to clients with impact
-Learn general knowledge on pricing
-Gain confidence in presenting your work to your clients
-Learn how to price your works

If you have any questions feel free to comment below and also open for discussions on logo design.

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