Laban (Fight) Movie Poster

Laban (To fight in english)

Fist Passion Project for 2021. This movie poster summarizes how I feel for the first quarter of 2021. It’s personally and professionally been a busy quarter which is a double sided situation amidst the corona virus stricken year.

This is also related to my reflection about the word “Grit”. Despite the challenge I want to learn to be braver and to keep on moving forward despite difficulties. That’s why this Movie Poster’s title is “Laban” which means “To fight” or “Fight” in english. I want to fight for my success.

The text at the top says “Pagod at Pangarap” in english it means “Tiredness and Dreams”. I’m experiencing both but I really want to fight for my dreams.


On the look:

If you’re curious on the look, I really like the aesthetic of Shinobu Kocho from Demon Slayer. The Japanese Character is “Metsu” or Annihilate.

On the technical side:

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Edited in Adobe Photoshop

Font Used: Ostrich sans