LEO UK Creative Team Logo Passion Project

It’s been a while since we we’re given an interesting passion project. The brief for this passion project or practice project is to create a logo for “Leo UK”

What is Leo UK?

Leo UK also known as Large Enterprise Outsourcing catering to the United Kingdom is one part of  Straightarrow Corporation’s business strategy to create for the world. It is also known as Straightarrow’s Agency Extension Service.

StraightArrow’s Agency Extension Services allows you to assemble your own creative team and define the aspects of their work environment.

In this model, we provide large enterprises and digital agencies with full-time specialists in the fields of digital marketing, creative design, and creative technology. They’re set up to function as extensions of your teams—equivalent to a virtual agency—with operational control remaining in your hands.

With StraightArrow’s agency extension service, you can:

Scale your enterprise or agency operations by outsourcing a team that works seamlessly with your in-house team

Secure your data and ensure a full understanding of your processes with a dedicated offshore team

Work within your budget by paying a fixed fee per resource, per month

Study 1:

Abstract, Lineart Style, Lion Head

Lineart style = Smoothflowing, customied, hand made, crafted by real people hand in hand with technology.

Subtle Heart Shape = Passionate, made with love, straight from the heart.

Study 2:

Rectangle Outline = Balanced & Stable

Typography Focused = Objective, Straight to the point.

Straightarrow Arrow = With Direction to move forward and upward.

Study 3:

Illustration Focused = Creative & Imaginative

Lion,Unicorn, Dragon = Mix of Animal Symbol. Symbolizes Diversity of our team and our clients. UK as a whole, culturally also has a deep connection with Mythical and Magical Beings.

Leaping Forward = Go towards the goal filled with vigor.