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Creative Tips: 3 Quotes to live by in your creative journey

First of all I would love to commend and thank Jaychrist Teves for his dedication in building his podcast to help creatives. Giving tips by conversing with creative professionals is something that I believe is really helpful.

Personally, hearing straight from the creative professional gave me an additional choice in my life. When I hear from other people’s experiences and journey, I get inspired and motivated because I know it’s tangible and achievable.

If you are feeling lost, or simply looking for motivation or a little push here are some quotes straight from industry practitioners that hopefully gives you the push that you need to make a decision and take action.

We all start from somewhere and as long as you embrance what you have and give everything you have, you can grow, you can gain experience. No bird is born with the ability to fly because it takes practice.


“Embrace everything you’ve got and you just give it. You spread your wings and give it all.” –  Rollan Bañez

Say yes to learnings and opportunities. Birds learn to fly, supported by their parents who train them. Find mentors, who can support you, find idols to look up to.


Say YES attitude. But, not really a yes man.”  -Ben Buenaventura

But don’t be a yes man, still learn what is your own bottomline, decide what you think is morally right or wrong for you. Learn and listen, keep an open mind but don’t get brainwashed. Find your goals and make your own action and decisions towards it.

Goals sounds majestic but remember people are unique creatures with different experiences, upbringing and different beliefs. The goal your walking toward to, may be someone’s hindrance.

Your decisions can create conflicts because the world is unique. You can’t please everybody. Sometimes support form others will feel like it’s a luxury, but one thing you will always have is yourself.


“Make yourself your BIGGEST supporter. You can also turn yourself into your BIGGEST Cheerleader.” -Jemmarie Bocalbos

Your own self belief can become a powerful tool if you train it to think positively and have a clear goal. Don’t get lost and keep your eyes on the price but ensure your reach your goals with a clear conscience. Do the right thing. The shortest path is not always the best path. Don’t be afraid of detours.

Find your Ikigai. Find what you want to do, that can earn money and most of all something you want to do that the world needs.

Need help in finding your Ikigai? Feel free to contact me and let’s brainstorm together.

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