Transition from a student to a graphic design professional: 20 Tips on how to enter the design industry

The Dilemma of many aspiring graphic design professional is how to transition from a student to a graphic design professional. Here are 20 tips on how you can start your journey in the field of creative industry.

1.) Start building your portfolio as early as now.

2.) Look for great artworks at and other art and design websites

3.) Start with pen and paper if you don’t have a computer yet. Never use lack of tools as an excuse when it comes to designing. Designers should be resourceful and creativity is not limited by the tools but creativity is controlled by the designer.

4.) Sometimes concepts are stronger than technicalities so feed your brain with concepts, aside from looking at artworks read books, read the news, keep yourself updated.

5.) Learn the basics:

6.) Create everyday, just do it and practice

7.) Technical Skills is important but never forget that Soft Skills or Attitude and mindset is just as important.

8.) Be Empathetic towards your customer and their customer. Focus on their problem and offer solutions through your skills.

9.) Work hard, work smart. Combine this two ideas in your career. Know that you need to undergo and experience the long way before you can truly understand the short way or the shortcuts.

10.) Be purposeful & Generous to yourself, to your competitors and to your customers. Don’t be scared of sharing as long as you also continue to grow and evolve.

11.) Networking is working. Get to know people. When you already know your purpose don’t be afraid to let the universe know it. You never know who will need your services. You never know who will need YOU.

12.) Accept that there are many ways rather than there is only one way. Do not compare yourself to others. As long as you are aware of the path you are taking do not be afraid of where you will end up in. There is a place for everyone in the creative industry. We are in an open market. Don’t be afraid if you think your style won’t make the cut. Just put it out there because you never know whose looking.

13.) Be open minded and don’t be afraid to experiment and learn something new. You are at the stage where potential is endless. You need to experience the creation process so you can decide where you want to go and what you want to be.

14.) Keep on learning. This is connected to number 10. You need to keep on learning and to never stop sharing. You never know how you will positively impact the future generation with the information you share.

15.) Become part of a community. You can join Graphic Artist Philippines (Philippine Fb group) and Designers Guild (international Fb Group). A community can have a big influence on the industry. It’s a place where you can learn, get inspiration, get information and to be able to share and gather feedback to continue to improve yourself.

16.) Apply for jobs. Don’t always expect the companies to come to you. You need to apply to them.

17.) Be responsible. Stick to deadlines.

18.) Know the basics of contracts, memorandums and written agreements.

19.) Communicate. Don’t keep people hanging.

20.) Keep your ego in check. Remember if you are a new comer (or even if you are a senior) no one wants to work with a toxic person.

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Stock Photo on the Featured Photo Used From Unsplash

Bernard Hermant