The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Design and Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Automation is definitely on the rise and a lot of talk that grows along the growth of these two technologies is the potential loss of jobs it will bring to many people. I’ve talked about my view on Artificial Intelligence during the Social Media Academy Meet Up Discussion. I don’t think Artificial Intelligence will make humans obsolete. In fact I believe Artificial Intelligence are developed and will continue to be developed in order to solve problems and make human lives better. I agree with this quote from The Independent:

But we cannot take away the fact that Artificial Intelligence may take away some jobs but instead of lamenting over the loss, I believe humans can find a way to create new opportunities and this is where a person’s self investment will come in handy.
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The Artificial Intelligence Trend

Google gave a demo of an actual artificial intelligence calling a salon and scheduling an appointment it really opened up possibilities and in the comment sections of the articles and the Facebook Shares the human fears abound.

People fear artificial intelligence will take their jobs, and it possibly will but instead of shunning progress it should motivate people to learn new skills to be able to supplement and leverage this rising technology.

AI and automation is on the rise, lead generation using messenger chat bots in FB is becoming a trend, but it is not something to fear at this point, after all Artificial Intelligence is not yet perfect. People should be more familiar so they can reflect and think about how they can innovate in this age so they won’t be jobless or irrelevant.

I’m both a Marketer and a Designer and in both industry Artifical Intelligence is slowly but surely being developed. If you only want to read the Marketing Section, click here. If you only want to read the Designer section click here.

Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Marketing

As a customer have you experienced having a simple question and waiting one hour over the phone for a customer representative to be available to answer your question and sometimes it gets to the point where you have to wait 3 hours for a 3 minute conversation? Well it happens right? I have personally experienced this and it can be very annoying.

Artificial Intelligence is now being looked at as a possible solution to this. Lead generation and customer service are two main faces of Marketing and in 2017 Chat bots have proven their effectiveness and low costs in doing two of these tasks.

Despite being around for decades, AI is currently one of the most popular topics in business with Gartner predicting that by 2020 AI will be a top five investment priority for more than 20%  of CIOs. Chatbots will become an increasingly important marketing app in the future.

Are you a customer support and at this point in time already feeling the pressure of an impending unemployment? Fear not, human customers still want to talk to humans most especially when it comes to complaints when customers expect empathy. Something that AI can’t offer yet although in the near future maybe it will change as research are ongoing to teach AI empathy.

Aside from Customer relations and lead generation, AI has infiltrated content writing as well. Although not yet perfect in this point in time AI has made it easier for The Associated Press to produce their reports.

As a marketer if I look at this negatively the I’d say the impact of AI will take away my job, but as I believe in a positive outlook, I see this as an opportunity to think more about my customers rather than some time consuming cumbersome task which I can delegate to an AI.

Artificial Intelligence is a tool and as humans look for ways to make life easy more Artificial Intelligence will likely arise. Learn about these tools and use them to your advantage.

Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Design

Are you familiar with Inspirobot? Inspirobot introduces itself as “I am an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence.” It was designed to generate inspirational quote but instead it brought along weirdness and at some point horrible and hilarious quotes. At this point in time AI haven’t been program to understand the human psychology yet and empathy when it comes to words.

At this point AI can only support human designers in technicality but the feelings and the user experience of the design is still decided by humans.

This is where Adobe Sensei comes in. According to the Adobe website; “Adobe Sensei is the magic behind the world’s best digital experiences. It powers intelligent features across all Adobe products to dramatically improve the design and delivery of digital experiences, using artificial intelligence and machine learning in a common framework.”


As a designer I’m already using the Content Aware tools which makes photo manipulation easier. The new liquify tools which makes editing the facial expression of a photograph is also powered by Adobe Sensei and those are all amazing features which humans can leverage to have a faster and more efficient workflow.

EyeSquant an Artificial Intelligence in progress can also supplement designers. This AI Knows When Your Graphic Design Is Good (Or Bad). The developers of this AI used humans and made them look at ads, then they measured which Ads were most effective and taught these data to the AI. Currently EyeSquant has an 85% accuracy grade.

Google AutoDraw powered by Artificial Intelligence also aims to make icon creation easier. It’s a great tool for beginners but in my opinion not custom made enough for businesses who want to stand out and be unique. This is where the human touch and human taste comes in.

In the web design and development landscape AI has also begun to bloom. The growth of Artificial Intelligence seems unstoppable now and nobody can tell if its a good thing or a bad thing at this point.

Artificial Intelligence is it good or is it bad?

In the end it is your choice how you can look at the rise of Artificial Intelligence. There is a Chinese fable I heard today in which the moral of the story is that it depends on how you view a situation whether its good or bad can change. As for me I’ll do my best to personally stay positive. As long as humans keep evolving together with the machines then AI and humans can always work together hand in hand in improving people’s lives.

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In this day and age we as marketers and designers, are already using Artificial Intelligence in many ways unknowingly. As I’ve mentioned Adobe Sensei powers our favorite designing tools like Adobe Photoshop. As a Marketer a lot of data research reports we read are created by AI. In order not to get left behind it is important for us humans to evolve with times and at least try to learn how to incorporate AI into their workflow.