2017 Year end Millenial Artists DIY Manila National Museum Tour

We met each other when we were in 6th grade and we were all innocent millennials connected by our love of art and thus I thought it would be awesome to rekindle our friendship and end 2017 in an artistic way: touring the National Museums of Manila.

I first visited the National Museum of Fine arts back in 2011 when I was in the middle of college. We were required to do a Manila Tour for one of our subject and it was actually a tiring but in the long run I believe a great experience to walk around the city of Manila and try to rekindle its past glory.

Comparing it to my latest visit last December 29, 2017 I can say there was a big improvement. Entrance is free but the Museums are air conditioned and there are a lot of artworks to be seen and appreciated. This time we visited The National Museum of Fine arts as well as the National Museum of Anthropology. Sadly the National Museum of Natural History wasn’t opened yet. It was supposed to be open last October 31, 2017 but I guess there were some construction issues that’s why it didn’t get finished before 2017 ended.

The National Museums is located very near Rizal Park aka Luneta park. This Giant Statue of Lapu Lapu is located in between the National Museum of anthropology and the National Museum of Fineart.

An early disclaimer before I continue with pictures: I didn’t really take a lot of pictures since I think pictures don’t do this artworks and museums any justice I encourage you to visit them and see for yourself, to immerse yourself in this beautiful artworks.

To begin the Manila Museum Tour first we used google maps to locate the National Museum. There are 3 different places called National Museum and that is 1.) Anthropology 2.) Fine Arts 3.) Natural History 4.) National Planetarium. There is also Metropolitan Museum along Roxas Boulevard but for that day we didn’t go there.

So we parked behind the National Museum of Natural History, parking fee is 50 pesos for 4 hours. We then decided the visit the National Museum of Anthropology first because we were trying to figure out where the Spolarium is located. It was our goal for that day to see the marvelous painting and national treasure by Juan Luna.

Here is a gallery inside the National Museum of Anthropolgy of the very few photos I’ve taken which does no justice to the actual Museum. It took us 2 hours to visit all the floors and visit all the galleries!

Here is a gallery inside the National Museum of Fine arts of the very few photos I’ve taken which does no justice to the actual Museum. It took us 2 hours to visit all the floors and visit all the galleries! Honestly I’d love to caption all of these artworks for you my dear readers but at the same time I’d like to encourage you to visit and experience the museums yourselves. I think everyone will have different reflections on them seeing as everyone has different life experiences and taste in the arts.

Honestly it was so fun and amazing actually 2 hours is not even enough for one museum if you really want to immerse yourself in it. I am so excited for when the Museum of Natural History actually opens.

After visiting 2 Museums 4 hours later me and my friend ate at yellow cab and we went for a drive and ate dinner again hahaha! Food is love!

Here are the Facebook Page of National Museum: https://www.facebook.com/nationalmuseumofthephilippines/

Here is the Official Website: http://www.nationalmuseum.gov.ph/

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About the Featured PhotoIt is inside one of the empty halls of the National Museum of Finearts. It is the old senate hall. The National Museum of Anthropology and National Museum of Finearts are actually old legislative buildings which are now refurbished to house these great works of arts.

I hope this post was helpful because I’d love to spread knowledge and awareness on the value of art and how it can help depict history, politics and more.

Bonus Photo Gallery:

Free Gallery in Gateway Cubao. It’s actually an interactive Museum but I didn’t have the app at the time of my visit. I’ll go back there with the app hopefully! I love that there are so many museum I can visit. It gives my art heart a thrill! Read this article on Wheninmanila.com about it~ Sining Kamalig in Alimall Cubao is also free to visit and albeit it’s smaller artwork changes frequently so you can visit the place a lot!