Why I decided to teach – Where my passion and drive in teaching comes from

Being a teacher or and educator was not the first thing in my life ambition as a child. Honestly I wanted to be many things but being a teacher didn’t come to me until I’ve started working as a Multimedia Artist and later on as a Digital Marketer. I actually realize I wanted to teach when I was transitioning from a college student into a working adult.

I am just a small spec in the universe but I have a lot of potential to share my light. One ripple in the water can create a bigger ripple, that’s what I thought and that’s where my thoughts of teaching began.

I have decided I will continue to learn so I can share more. My motto as an educator is that:

“A true master shares what he knows and continues to learn more so he can share more”

This is why I am glad I was given an opportunity by Creative Nation Academy to share what I know.

Last July 1, 2017 I was able to teach a lesson I made from scratch based on research and my own experiences. The topic was Basic Logo Conceptualization. It was a 4 hour session and it was so much fun that despite being unable to eat properly I felt so invigorated and energized. I had such great students too!

Posted by Creative Nation Academy on Friday, June 30, 2017

Then Last August 5, 2017 I went to Angeles University Professional School to teach what’s new with Adobe CC and what they can do with it. Everyone was really enthusiastic and cooperative. This feeling when I know I’m sharing my knowledge really encourages me to just keep on teaching and I really hope to teach a lot more!

Posted by Creative Nation Academy on Friday, August 4, 2017

My drive in sharing what I know even in Social media has also led me to meet some of the most inspiring people out there. I was just joining groups where I think I can learn more aside from sharing what I know and that’s when I came across Social Media managers and Growth Hackers. It was just a budding group but I wanted to be active and the founder Melissa Profeta invited me to be a volunteer moderator and I readily agreed. For me being a moderator meant I will be able to contribute more to this awesome group and a few months after that the group now boasts of more than a thousand of members. It’s really great.

As the group grows and Melissa who also has a passion in educating Filipinos in the potential of Social Media marketing recently Launched Social Media Academy with Nix Eniego and Valerie Joy Deveza. All three of them are very professional and are masters in their own professions and niches.

What is Social Media Media Academy?

Every day, lessons is uploaded in the group. Some are LIVE webinars, and some are pre-recorded.

There are also activities, worksheets, and group coaching.

For 1 month, students will undergo a transformation to become an elite social media marketer.

I was very glad when another opportunity to teach came up through this Academy. Melissa invited me to share an Overview of the basics of Graphic design and I am very happy to do so. I’m sharing here the free webinar I’ve created on the Overview of the basic of Graphic Design. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

I definitely look forward to teaching some more and expanding my knowledge and craft so I am very happy and thankful for all of this opportunities.

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About the Featured Photo is from Pexel. It shows the work done in learning and teaching. It’s a photo that has a lot of potential because the people in the picture can both be, teacher or a student.

I wrote this post because for the longest time I wanted to teach what I know and I’m very proud that I am finally able to teach. Maybe I’m creating a small ripple and sharing my light one at a time but I am hoping that in teaching this is the legacy I can create while I’m alive and leave when the time comes.