7 things you can do to survive your quarter life crisis

Quarter life crisis? Yes it’s real. I experienced it myself a few years ago and I’m happy to say I came out alive. It’s not a myth what some people might think. In popular psychology, a quarterlife crisis is a period of life ranging from twenties to thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their own lives due to stress associated with the transition to adulthood.

So how did I survive?

1.) Positive Quotes were my daily motivation.

When I was feeling down I read a lot of positive quotes. I followed them in Tumblr, in Weheartit, here in Facebook and in Instagram. Basically every site where I can find a positive quote I consume them. I’ve embeded some quotes which I really like because they really motivate me.

2.) I created. I either wrote or drew. I even wrote to my future self.

It may sound crazy but I wrote my feelings to my future self. I used https://www.futureme.org/, you can set how long before you want to receive the letter and although the effect was not instant it made me have something to look forward too. I wondered how I would react when I receive that letter in a few years. It kept me going with the thoughts like I’m hoping I’m going to just laugh at my situation next year when I get my letter! It gave me a push to improve myself so I won’t be the same person but instead be a better version of myself. I started using the service in 2013 and I sent myself a letter almost every year when I was feeling down. The last letter I got was in 2016 and I guess I was quite busy this year that I wasn’t able to write myself for 2017. Okay, let me correct myself I did write a letter to myself for 2017 but it hasn’t arrived this year yet because I wrote it in July. Now I’m really curious about what I wrote. Anyway! Here is a sample letter I keep in the archives to look at either for laughs or when I’m feeling sentimental.

3.) I thought about what I can do, what I want to do and how it will affect the world even when I was gone.

Basically I thought about what my Ikigai was. Ikigai is the intersection between :What you love, What you care about, What the world needs, What you can get paid for. In my reaction post about the FIRST EVER Social Media Academy Grand Meet up I’ve mentioned over again how I experienced quarter life crisis and how I ended up wanting to teach. Probably because I have survived quarter life crisis that I can say this now: My quarter life crisis actually pointed me in the direction I wanted to take and I was lucky that what seemingly unconnected actions I took slowly became connected and showed me the big picture.

My Friend Levi have also suggested some tips on how to survive your quarter life crisis.

4.) Friends, Friends, Friends.

She emphasizes the importance of friends and being surrounded by the right people. It is important to have someone to tell about your problems and socialization in order to stop thinking about your quarter life crisis even for a short while.

5.) Food, Food, Food.

Although we don’t recommend unhealthy eating, treating yourself with your favorite food when things get heavy also helps a lot. After surviving a long stressful week eating your comfort food can be a reward for yourself. Don’t forget to reward yourself sometimes.

6.) “Rediscover things you used to love/enjoy…”

Before getting to the point of experiencing your quarter life crisis what were the things that you enjoyed you can do them again or as my other friend Jesse said…

7.) Try something new or do something different

Sometimes the things we discover through experience and being adventurous can be the answer that we are looking for. In my case I experienced my quarter life crisis when I was in my first job as a web developer. Despite being a developer I didn’t case myself into simply coding. I expanded to Inbound Marketing and even passed my Civil Service examination. Trying out those things opened doors for me and also strengthened my confidence. It gave me an idea that I can be something more.

If you are experiencing your quarter life crisis and you’ve reached this point in this article and you’re still in doubt I won’t blame you. It’s happened to me and I know just how bad the uncertainty and doubt is, but do not give up! You’ll get through this! If you just need someone to talk too and ask for advice my contact form is open just send me a message here.

If you have already survived your quarter life crisis and agree or disagree with the tips here let’s discuss it as well! I am very interested to hear from you send me a message here in my contact form and let’s discuss.

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