A Great Marketer talks about the things that they love

Great Marketers needs to have many skills such as knowing how to be customer centric, be a story teller, be creative, know how to listen, understand data and many more. Among all these skills I believe what makes a great marketer is someone who speaks about the things that they love, someone who spreads positivity and radiates happiness.

This is why I believe that to become a great marketer, you need to work with people who aligns with your personal mission, vision and goals.

As a child, even before I started calling myself a marketer, I’ve already loved talking to people. I was outgoing and was considered quite a talkative child. As I grew up and became a teenager I was still talkative but I learned to control the things that I say because it was at this age that I started realizing that words can strongly affect people especially hurtful words.

When people says hurtful words towards me, my heart really tends to squeeze itself and sometimes it hurts so bad that I feel like I might as well die. This is why I told myself since I don’t want people to say hurtful things toward me I should also speak of good things. When I see anything I dislike regarding a person, I first think very hard if it really needs to be pointed out. If the answer is yes, I think of a way on how I can say it on the most desirable level.

Everyone already experiences a certain level of negativity and toxicity levels in their lives. As marketers we want to help people to feel better through the product or service that we are marketing thus we will be able to connect with our audiences better if we share positive things they can connect with to enrich their lives.

To be a great marketer you need to see the good things that the product or service your are marketing can offer, then spread it around. When you talk about things that you love it will be easy to talk about it and people will naturally be magnetized.

Work with brands and people that does things that you love on a personal level so you can talk about it. A brand’s mission and vision is something I try to find out before I take on my clients. I try to learn as much as I can about them before agreeing to sign a contract because for me I’d love to talk about things that I agree with on a personal level and on things that I know I love.

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Seth Godin Inspired me today and I was able to write this post so I would like to share with you his Udemy Course:

Modern Marketing with Seth Godin


  • To understand modern marketing, spread your ideas and gain empathy for those you seek to serve.
  • Understand that marketing is not the same as advertising.
  • Focus on changing your product or service so that “marketing” it feels easy.

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The original image is a from Unsplash. I believe if a person strives to be a great marketer he or she has to be engaged with his or her audience (Get the pun? hehehe…). Well on a serious level a great marketer needs to be dedicated to what he or she does and there should be commitment and of course there should be love. All traits engaged couples also need to have in their lives.