How to Start your Journey to your Dream Career

Dream Career, those are two words that when partnered together just sound so blissful. The word “dream” as defined by the dictionary is the act of indulging in something that an individual greatly desires. While, career is defined as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. Together a dream career is indulging in something you greatly desire for a significant period of your life. Sounds great right? But how many people are really doing their dream career nowadays?

Are you living your life while working towards your dream career or are you already doing it?

If you feel like you are lost, maybe this article is a sign for you to drive your life in the right direction that you as a person really desire.

How to Start your Journey to your Dream Career:

1.)Start by knowing what your passion and priorities are. What are the things in your daily life that makes you happy and things that you do or have done that you wish that you can do forever. Here are some question you can ask yourself to find your dream career if you don’t know it yet : 9 Questions That’ll Help You Find Your Dream Career.

2.) Research and learn. Learn facts from google about the things that you like to do and read books and educational articles related to your #1.

3) Learn from other people who are doing the things you want to do. Lean their experiences by reading, listening to podcasts or watching documentaries about them. Avoid their mistakes and try out the things they haven’t done yet.

4.) Create your own experience. Take risks, lower your pride and take internships for the sake of learning.

5.) Create a list of achievable goals and a timeline. You can connect with the people from #3 and ask them if they are willing to coach or mentor you. Some will probably do it for free while some will probably ask for a fee.

Am I living my Dream Career?

I still have a long way to go but I believe I am on my way there.

I’ve dreamed about being many things such as being a painter, a fashion designer, a figure ice skater, a horse racer and even to be a popular actress but I never thought that one day I would call myself a marketer, but look at me now. The personal job title I gave myself is a Multimedia Marketing Specialist. I have realized that I can do anything I want I just have to put my mind into achieving it. Many people have advised against being a jack of all trade and a master of none but because my Ikigai early on I ended up trying all sort of things and I am grateful that I did because in doing many things I have realized I can put them all together and find the thing that I really want to do.

Today, I am a full-time office based job as a Creative Design Specialist. I am still doing work related to my college course but aside from that I’m also a part-time instructor for Creative Nation Academy. A contributor forSocial Media Academy, an admin for Social Media Managers and Growth Hackers and I still do part-time jobs as a Social Media Manager for various clients.

What is my Dream Career?

My dream career is to do something that will create a positive change in this world. Humans are lucky if they manage to live a hundred years. The average female life expectancy in the Philippines is 71 according to Global Age Watch 2015. That’s why I decided I wanted to do something that can become a cycle which I can past down to the children, the younger generation and our future.

I decided to become a teacher, a mentor, a coach, a person who will share what I learned from living my life so people can avoid my mistakes and become motivated by my successes and failures.

I decided to to it by speaking up, by blogging, using my knowledge in social media, by literally standing in front of students to speak, by joining groups and by joining organizations. That is how I became affiliated with Social Media Managers and Growth Hackers, Social Media Academy and Melissa Profeta.

Social Media Academy

Social Media Academy is such a great endeavor and I believe in it’s goals to elevate the status of Social Media Managers by providing resources which people can use to help themselves. It is an online platform where people can learn from mentors and exchange ideas with each other.

Last April 2018, we had our very first Social media Academy Grand Meet-up and it was such a great event. Personally, I am able to meet many students who were very nice and eager to learn. I was able to share and tell my story and hopefully to inspire them. I was also finally able to meet Melissa Profeta, one of the person I am lucky to get to know. She has enabled me to take a step towards my dream career.

Melissa Profeta is the founder Social Media Managers and Growth Hackers and also one of the founders of Social Media Academy

Recently Melissa Profeta asked me if I wanted to share my story as part of a blog series for Social Media Academy. I shared how I started a career in Social media marketing from my Graphic Design Background: My Graphic Designer Turned Social Media Marketer Story.

I want to motivate people and hope to make them take action. To lessen their worries about whether you have any experience to start doing something. You just need to start somewhere and that is by seeking knowledge. In seeking knowledge you are investing in yourself and surely by slowly building yourself you will end up finding and doing your dream career and you will be able to live a purposeful life.

Creative Nation Academy

The mission of Creative Nation Academy is to teach, train and enable creatives to produce globally recognized work;
Enrich every member of our team professionally, financially, and socially;
Create value for our stakeholders; and,Cultivate and inspire creativity throughout the Philippines.

It is an organization that I am very happy to be a part of. It aligns with my dream career of being able to teach the work that I like to do. To design.

In Creative Nation Academy, I am also able to reach out with my fellow educator as well, last 2017 I was able to speak with teachers from Angeles University Foundation.

Where am I now in my journey in my dream career?

Overall, I am satisfied with the current path I am taking. I have done my first round of steps number 1-5 but this is not a one time action thing. Be ready to keep on doing it and even add your own steps as you go along your road to your dream career.

My journey is quite a rocky journey and although the rocks have lessened I wouldn’t say everything is smooth sailing. But then again in this life you just have to make the most of what you have. You need to shovel those rocks away and make a path you can walk on.

You can start a career without experience, you cannot start without knowledge. Without Knowledge, you’d just seem like a headless chicken running amok, directionless. There is no long term career that is successful without work put into it. Nothing comes easy but you can make it seem easy by enjoying both the rises and the falls.

If you are already in step number 5 in your journey to your dream career and your in need of someone to give you advice but don’t have any leads feel free to send me a message. I am willing to listen to you, and give you my input which I’m hopeful will be able to help you.

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About the Featured Photo:

The original image is a dream catcher from Pexel.

Why a dream catcher? I think it is quite literal that a human being would like to become a dream catcher. Someone who will not only see the dream but do the dream and hold the dream in their hands. Let’s all become dream catchers. Let’s not just close our eyes and dream the things that we want. Let us also run and catch our dreams.