How to know your worth and value yourself

Do you value yourself? How do you value yourself?

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I came across this post in Facebook and it caught my attention prompting me to think and write a response:

I think these lines are very valid so this blog post hopes to tackle this:

“valuing yourself” or “knowing your worth”. 🤔

And these are great! You should definitely value yourself and the solution that you provide to your prospects.

BUT this is yet another vague advice. 👎🏼

What the heck does “value yourself” even mean??? “

The definition of your value is how much you think your life and time is worth

Time is the greatest currency of all. Whatever you do you should base it on the fact if it will be worth your time.

Your life is basically the amount of time you have to live in this world and unfortunately time is also a limited amount and an unpredictable one. You will never know until when you will live so everyday should be maximized and lived to the fullest.

Pricing according to your value

My very practical advice for people in the online work industry or people who offer their time, skills and life for money in general is to never work for free or to accept being underpaid.

As I’ve mentioned people’s lives are limited and every work we take upon ourself spends our time, our life. Some people will try to take advantage of you by siphoning out your life but they will be the one to take the credit and advancement in their lives and that is not fair to yourself.

Consider the amount of time it took for you to learn and hone the skills you are offering. You invested your time to learn and think of it this way, you’ve spent your time to learn and do the skills so the other party can’t or won’t do it.

If you know you invested time to learn and you will contribute a lot to your client’s business, at least do not settle for the Philippines minimum wage.

Consider your electricity bills, internet, machine maintenance when you price yourself.

In other words the minimum wage in the Philippines won’t cut it since you will also have to pay for your own sss, pag-ibig, savings, emergency funds, retirement fund etc.

If you aren’t getting clients for the “right” price meaning a price that will at least cover your life’s cost, review your skills and your cover letter, review how you present yourself.

Invest in yourself by spending time to reflect on what is your current skills, past achievements and how you can continue to grow and improve.

How to compute your value with a mathematical formula

Computing your hourly rate:

Compute your total expense for a month, include how much you want to save and divide it by 248. This is if you plan to work 8 hours per day for 31 days. You can adjust this depending how much you want to earn with the amount of time you are willing to spend.

It is encouraged you consider the time you spent learning and mastering a skill. If you paid for courses in order to gain your knowledge you can include that in your expenses computation. You invested to learn the skill so it’s your every right to monetize it.

If after doing this computation, you still want to validate if you are pricing correctly you can see how much other people who does the same work are you is paid, in the websites listed HERE, such as Payscale,, LinkedIn Salary and more. You don’t necessarily have to follow it but again, it’s a guide.

When to work for FREE, as defined as having no monetary gain.

When you already consider yourself as successful and are already doing great, and you feel like you are already abundant with your life’s work then feel free to do pro-bono works.

There are only some situation when you can work for free monetary wise and that is if the work that you will be doing will pay you in joy and in happiness and fulfillment or if you are really just trying to gain experience. Still I do not recommend doing work for free because remember you’re still spending your life. Also do not fall for the “exposure” trap especially for young artists or if you are new in an industry you want to work in. You can bring exposure to yourself by simply being proud of your work and networking and selling yourself. Although lets admit a big vast network will help you, in the long run, it is what you do that will best define you and let’s be real even with exposure it won’t ensure success. Every time you consider working for free you must question if it will benefit your life in the long run and if it is worth spending a part of your time, a part of your life to do.

I’m not telling to to be selfish, I just don’t want you to get taken advantage of, but if you really think you are doing the world good by offering your services for free monetary wise then do so, just remember your own well being as well and make sure you are not going hungry and being a martyr, make sure what you are doing are giving you the true joy that you are looking for.

For example recently I volunteered to do a free logo for a music viewing event in which the profit will go to donating wheel chairs to a public hospital. I used what I considered my free time to do it because I believe the cause that it supports.

I know how public hospitals looks like because during the last 3 months of my sister’s life we were confined in a Government hospital. It’s not as bad as other hospitals but I know that public healthcare in this country can be better.

In conclusion, you need to help yourself before you can help others that’s what it means to know your worth and value yourself correctly. Avoid under valuing and over valuing. You are the only one who will really know your worth but I hope that this blog post serves as your guide. Hopefully I was able to enlighten and help you be informed.

If you agree or disagree with any of my points, let’s discuss, drop me a message here in my contact form (click here).

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