Importance of Social Media for communication, art, business, life & love

What is Social Media? According to a blogpost by Lifewire “What Is Social Media? Explaining the Big Trend” Social media are web-based communication tools that enable people to interact with each other by both sharing and consuming information.

Its is a broad definition but It’s true because Social Media itself is very broad.

I am a Social Media user first before I am a Social Media Marketer and I can say that it is because Social Media makes communication so much easier that a lot of people are attracted to it. On the other hand, it’s also true that Social Media is not just rainbows and butterfly it’s not all good things and some crimes are even attributed to it. Still, we can’t remove that with the evolution of technology Social Media and its importance has grown a lot now more than ever.

Social Media for Communication

I wonder if you can imagine the days when there was no social media. There was no such a thing as Facebook messenger and other instant messaging apps, wives of soldiers who were deployed in a far away place has to wait for months for any communication. Sea farers who leave their loved ones behind in their home countries worry if they are safe. Every hand written letter needs to be well though off because the next letter needs another round of months before they are delivered.

Now with Social Media and instant messaging one’s message can be delivered in a snap of a finger. Missing someone? Now they are a chat away. Need a quick news update? There’s twitter and it’s 140 characters of news headline just a screen away.

Social Media has changed the way people communicate. From the literal snail pace of snail mail to the lightning speed of instant messaging. Now even long distant relationships are flourishing through the use of Social Media. Communication at least on a verbal level now has more channels. You can now voice your thoughts on Social media and possibly reach the other side of the world. You can talk to your favorite celebrities and even influence a change in governance by communicating with politicians.

Social Media for Art

With all the perks that Social Media has brought for communication it has also increased art awareness but with the widespread of art in Social Media also comes the topic on art ownership and at the same time art theft.

With Social Media art enthusiast can now follow their favorite artists and now the artists can now reach out to their fans for support. Social Media has made crowdfunding possible and now more artist and innovators are able to produce their works with the help of social media networking.

Social Networking art sites like DeviantART has nurtured artists for over 10 years. Personally I’ve been using deviantART since I was 15. I use it to post my Anime Art. One of the first roots of my Multimedia and Marketing career. There is more to expand on the topic but maybe it’s for another blog post. To keep things short, Social Media has personally given me an opportunity to show the world my art and I believe I am not the only one. There are various testimonial out there from artist all around the globe on how DeviantART has helped them.

Social Media for Business

There is Facebook for Business for a reason. It’s there because it works. With the proper use of Social Media businesses can listen to people and find out what they need and in turn businesses can provide a solution. At the same time people can look for business who can help them solve their problems.

Social Media has also provided a new channel for advertising. Not just advertising, Social Media has opened channels for consumer reviews, complaints and other similar testimonials.

In relation to Social Media for communication and art, start up businesses are also on the rise because of social media. Investors can make easier decisions by listening to people’s reaction on social media and entrepreneurs are able to crowd-fund their businesses.

Hootsuite a platform for Social Media Marketers have written a blog post on the “10 Benefits of Social Media for Business“.

Social Media for Life & Love

As I mentioned in my opening paragraphs I am a Social Media user first before I am a marketer. Social Media had and continuous to have a big impact in my life. When I was in high school Social Media was starting to reach my country and its first effects was my friends was more keen on documenting a lot of happy moments of our school life. I’ve also mentioned how Social Media has opened my eyes in the art community and I’ve met a lot of friends through it.

Let me tell you a short story about how I became a Multimedia Media Artist it’s very much connected to Social Media.

As an aspiring artist I was able to chat with an artist I was truly amazed with. We exchanged messages and figured out that he was from the same country and lives within the same region as me. I asked what course he took (or was taking during the time) and he mentioned he was a Multimedia Arts student from DLS-CSB. He invited me to watch a play and toured me around the school and then I was sold. I decided to take the same course in the same school.

In that school a few months before graduating I met my now boyfriend and partner. See, with one friend I met through Social Media, I was able to take up a course I’m passionate about, in a great school and even met my love. Social Media has truly impacted my life.

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About the featured image: The background is a stock photo from I personally felt that the photo tells a story on how technology have changed the way we live our lives. It feels real, casual and candid and this is the mood I’d like for this blog post to have.

I actually wrote this blog post in an impromptu way. I just saw a posting in an FB group I’m a member of looking for a blog entry about Importance of Social Media for communication, art, business, life & love. I was instantly inspired and started typing away.

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