My Personal TOP #itchyworms logo design entries

If you’re from the Philippines and you’re a graphic designer you’ve probably heard of the #itchyworms logo design contest by now.

Maraming salamat sa lahat ng mga nagpadala ng entries para sa aming #itchywormslogo contest! Madami pala kaming talented na fans!

Posted by itchyworms on Thursday, June 15, 2017

There were a lot of entries and although I personally couldn’t join I’d like to contribute by showcasing some of my favorite entries.

For those who have no ideas who Itchyworms are they are a band who sings Original Pinoy Music. I would call myself an appreciator of their craft as their songs are staple karaoke songs and jeep radio songs.

I tell you choosing a favorite among the hundreds and probably thousands of entries was really hard I do not claim to have seen all of them I’m only going to showcase here those which I’ve come across and caught my eyes so please feel free to tell me which are your favorite entries, my contact form is always open!

Favorite #1


Adrian Lachica‘s entry is well thought of and as I post this together with the Logo studies and superb logo animation! When I asked a fan what the 4 shades symbolize he got it at a glance that the 4 shades symbolize the 4 members who are all wearing glasses. The shades have been carefully crafted to look like letter “w”. Simple amazing!


Favorite #2


A post shared by renz ibana (@penandpenguin) on

Renz Ibana Really got me feeling itchy in a good way with his design. It’s straightforward showing hairy worms inside the guitar pic. It really got my attention the first time I saw it shared in Graphic Artists Philippines FB Group.

Favorite #3



I really think the rock hand / finger gesture fits the songs and identity of Itchyworms. I also like that this is a very customize logo with uneven weight and lines. The little details like the shades looking like a worm is subtle but gets the point across.

Favorite #4

A post shared by Ovi Jr. (@aauvifer) on

This one is just really chill. Like the concept is so simple, a singing worm with shades!

Favorite #5


A post shared by Neil Fernando (@neilfernandooo) on

It’s actually a tie. Neil Fernando’s entry and an anonymous entry posted by the itchywormslogo IG account (The official IG for the promotion) made it to my favorite list. I just think the concept this 2 used is spot on. Integrating the word Itchy Worms logo as an audio wave. It just hit my fancy since Itchyworms is music based. Funnily enough I was suggesting my friend who wanted to join to use the elements of G clef and F clef for a logo. Too bad he was also busy and couldn’t finish his entry.


Favorite #6

This entry is really fun. I think the Itchyworms logo needs to look really fun and unique and what’s more fun than isaw? I think the songs of Itchyworms are rock songs, fun, quirky but with a really heavy message like this isaw worm. It looks fun but being stabbed like that hurts.

Favorite #7



A post shared by isacfabian (@isacfabian) on

The concept of simply including a circle shape worm with texture also caught my attention and this 2 caught my eyes. They have a grungy feel but at the same time they are straightforward and easy to understand.

Favorite # 8



A post shared by richard de honor (@iab_chad) on

This one actually caught my eyes. I love the illustration although I don’t like the typography used for the text. I actually really like the idea and concept behind it. It actually reminds me of the “I come in peace” alien language symbol too and hey itchyworms somehow have an alien feel to them in my opinion anyway :p

Anyway so I hope you guys enjoyed this. Feel free to contact me for any comments and suggestions!


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