Why Mother’s Day is important, a tribute to my mother

Being a mother is a big challenge, personally, at 26 this is the reason why I can’t see myself as a mother yet. I can see how my  own mother struggled to raise us to become responsible children but even then her good will ends up being a double bladed sword because sometimes we see her goodwill as an antagonist in our lives.

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My mother is a very hard working woman, a clean freak and a perfectionist at some point. This is both a good and bad thing about her. She makes sure she serves us clean food, clean clothes and of course a clean house but sometimes she overworks herself that she becomes irritable and angry.

Currently, even if I’m already an adult she still takes care of me. She wakes up at 5am to cook my breakfast and my lunch for me and then she prepares to go to her own work. Then when she gets home at around 7pm she prepares dinner and do cleaning around the house. When I look at her I can see its hard work and I can’t imagine doing what she does.

When we were younger she wakes up at 4am to prepare our breakfast and lunch for school and then she has to usher us to wake up and bath us and dress us up for school, before she can take care of her own self so she can also work and earn money to use for us.

My mother never had it easy from the beginning of her motherhood until now, my mother and father were separated because their love story didn’t work out. My mother raised us with the help of many relative but I know it was still stressful for her. Everybody hopes for a happy family with both parents but because she is separated with my father she had to act as both mother and father. Honestly I am guilty of not showing her how much I appreciate her. She is in no way perfect I don’t think there is a perfect human being anyway.

Then, my younger sister got sick with cancer at age 18 and died at age 20, it was very rough for my mother who had to quit her job to take care of my sister. The pain a mother feels when her child is buried before her is unimaginable but she has to remain strong for her remaining children.

I salute my mother and if I do decide to be one, I hope I can raise great children, and give them lots of love.

In today’s economy it’s even harder to raise kids so kudos as well to those who have so much love to give and did so many sacrifices to become responsible parents. Imagine the expense of being a parent and raising kids and they do it filled with love. So on May 13, 2018 let us all make our mothers feel appreciated.

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