Gift Ideas for Artistic Moms On Mother’s Day 2018

Mother’s Day 2018 is just around the corner. That day in every year when we should show appreciation to our mothers. Although I honestly believe we should be doing it everyday. If your mother, wife or bestie is on the creative side, especially if she is an artist then you are looking at the right list!

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Let’s start with #1 Artful Alphabets by Joanne Sharpe. If you’re mother finds calligraphy and lettering relaxing then she might enjoy this very colorful lettering book. Equally exciting are the variety of media used, from colored pencils and markers to paints and inks. With this A to Z guide, theres no limit to the statements your mother can make!

#2 This is not a maze by Matthew Cole! Our Mother’s daily lives already feels like a maze so she might not be used to relaxing on her down time. You can encourage her to sit down and relax for a bit while reminiscing her childhood with this activity book. It might sound like an unlikely gift but give it a try and she just might enjoy it! This is not a maze is a fun and challenging activity book that blends coloring with image searches! Discover 1000+ hidden animals and objects to find and color within labyrinth-like designs!

#3 Love to Color Art Puzzles by Tiffany Lovering. Adult Coloring books are all in now and not only because its a fun activity but because studies have shown over and over again that adult coloring books are good for de-stressing and is a therapeutic activity. Give this book to you mother and give her the chance to complete bright and beautiful patchwork puzzles in paisley, petals and abstract patterns! Allow her to use markers, pencils, crayons or any other medium with the correct number of shades to color her masterpiece by following the suggested numerical palette-or apply a palette of your own creation! The final product is up to her: Fit all, some or none of the pieces together to compose vibrant works of personal wall art.

If your lady boss, mother, wife or bestie is into beading then #4 Beyond the bead by Margot Potter might be a book that she’ll enjoy. Beyond the Bead leads its reader through a series of techniques for creating unique mixed-media jewelry. Step-by-step instruction is provided for all the techniques including working with glass, resin and plastic, polymer and metal clay, felt and fibers, hardware store goods, paper art supplies and even odds and ends from around the home. A gallery of finished pieces that utilize those same techniques fill each chapter, providing a wealth of additional inspiration.

Another beading book that can be enjoyed by your mother, wife, bestie or lady boss is #5 Simply Beaded Bliss by Heidi Boyd. Every project in Simply Beaded Bliss features classic beading that appeals to jewelry enthusiasts of all skill levels and inclinations. Step-by-step jewelry projects show its readers how to combine a wide variety of interesting elements, including sequins, buttons, phone wire, snaps, washers and tin with traditional beads, all created in the author’s signature pretty and feminine style. The innovative selection of gifts and cards show you how to use those same elements in multiple crafts, expanding the practical application of the techniques presented.

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If you feel like giving her the gift of education, you can get Udemy courses for her which she can learn a new skill or a new hobby.

#6 Get her drawing courses! these Udemy Course on Draw Something Worth Sharing & Cute Illustrations From Scratch to Products.

If you got her #1 Artful Alphabets by Joanne Sharpe, then you can also supplement the gift with #7 4 Ways to Digitalize Watercolor if your mother enjoy’s dabbling in watercolor crafts!

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I myself, don’t always show my appreciation for my mother but for this mother’s day I wrote an article that is a tribute to my mother, do check it out if you are interested: A Tribute to my Mother.

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