3 Business & Marketing Lessons from the Greatest Showman

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I’m late when it comes to movies and so even if “The Greatest Showman” was shown months ago I only got to view it now and while watching it I can’t help but see business and marketing lessons in the film. I don’t know if it’s only because I’m a marketer myself but I think the movie can be a great inspiration for businessmen and marketers alike.

1.) Don’t lose hope

That’s the first lesson that I saw in the movie. P. T. Barnum as depicted in the film was poor but he had a dream and he worked hard towards it. He didn’t let where he started state where he would end. Throughout the film he encountered many hardships but he was solution oriented and solved his problem step by step.

2.) Turn negatives into positives

Transform criticisms and discriminations into something that is better for everyone.

By seeing the potential in people who were different Barnum was able to build his business. He was able to earn money and he was able to help people earn money. As he mentioned: ” Well they‘re laughing anyway, kid, so you might as well get paid”.

Then even when a critic threw a slew of insults at him, he turned those into marketing weapons.

2a.) Not all negatives and criticism are bad and should not be taken personally

In the end its the same critic who kept on writing bad things about Barnum’s business that encouraged him when he was down.

3.) Mentor someone, make someone your successor

Don’t be greedy with knowledge. Barnum made Phillip Carlyle his partner and although not explicitly shown in the film he probably passed some of his knowledge to Phillip Carlyle because when Barnum was on tour he left his team in Philip’s hands. In the end it was this move which ultimately gave him a second chance to rebuild his business after tragedy.

It was also this move which made it easy for Barnum to retire and spend time with his family to watch his girls grow up.

In my article “Why I decided to teach – Where my passion and drive in teaching comes from” I’ve laid down my personal agenda that I’d like to leave a foot print of my life. Proofs that I was here. There are many reason to mentor and share what you know and the film showed just that, an advantage of partnerships and mentoring.

Overall, I really loved the film’s cinematography and sound tracks. The greatest Showman not only satisfied the Marketer in me, it also satisfied The Multimedia artist in me as well. It wasn’t a deep film but it was juicy and entertaining enough to write about. It imparts lessons in the simplest manner by telling the story through film.

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I wrote this post because I really loved The Greatest Showman and the lessons have been playing in my head after I watched the film and it didn’t leave until 2 days after. Now that this has been written let me know your thoughts.  Don’t hesitate to contact me.