A Feature of #artvsartist April 2018 Edition

It’s always interesting to see the artist behind the artworks, and #artvsartist perfectly illustrates this in a balanced grid. I’m here to share a few of my favorites from various social media platforms.

Let’s start with the Art of Myke Mesina. I find this really interesting because he is also a Multimedia Artist like me. It’s hard to showcase which your art is and by posting 3, one for each of his talents, hobby and job it really shows his flexibility and talent.

Renzo Angelo, I’ve read his comics and his attention to detail really amazes me. I also created a comic for my thesis in college and I know it’s so hard to do full color comics. His illustrations are all filled with life and emotion as well.

Pol-kun’s video are always filled with #feels when I watch them. There are so much emotions and #hugots in each scenes. His backgrounds have vastly improved and the animations have gotten smoother as well. I can’t wait to see what else he will create in the future!

I discovered Zombi while I’m looking at various #ArtvsArtist artworks. His artworks are all very detailed and looks so professional. I especially love the style as well there is something very enchanting about it.

Paolo Tugano is also a new discovery. I love his typography and I wish I can also create typography like these.

Abigail Diaz is an amazing illustrator as well. Digital painting has been a hobby and at the same time a frustration for me and I believe her artworks are something I aspire to be able to create someday too. They are all so art book worthy and poster worthy.

Justine Cruz’s works reminds me if Artbooks I used to look at back in college. The illustrations tells a story and I can tell he have practiced and studied a lot in his craft.

Samantha’s artworks are whimsical and magical. I love it’s aesthetics very much and I’d like to support her to keep on creating more.

Neil Apale is a great designer and illustrator. I can personally attest to this. He is also very nice and easy to be with so I’d like to show my reader’s his talent. He deserves to be seen and his works is a testament of his passion and dedication.


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