Success: It’s attainable. Tips to remember

“Success” What is the first thing you think of when you hear or see this word? Do you think success is impossible for you? Well we believe otherwise. We believe that anybody can be successful in their own way. There is no one standard success. Everyone has unique things they want to do and that’s what makes humans so interesting. So how do you start in your journey in attaining your success?

Define what  Success is for you

What is your definition of success? How and when can you say you’ve truly reached your success?

In the times today, in this age of Social Media the meaning of success for many people may equal to beautifully captured photos, perfect aesthetics and its starting to think like all of the successful people are rich and has an abundance of material things. Of course these are not bad, because aside from money this also means creativity is abundant.

In your mind maybe in this vast ocean where everyone seems to be successful except for you maybe it’s time to look at what you should be thankful for, maybe you are successful in your own way, maybe your success are in things that you have but cannot be captured by photos. In moments where you are unprepared with no camera or smartphones available. Success is not a fixed thing and I believe success is not something that needs to be chased but needs to be lived.

There are all kinds of success. Success in love, success in a game, success in surviving another day.

Everyone are battling their own battles. There are financially abundant people but are lonely while there are people who live a simple life planting their own food, live in a hut with no air conditioning but have a priceless gift of peace of mind. Do not compare what will make you happy with what will make others happy just because society seem to favor one over the other.

Success is attainable but you’d have to make sure that it is what will make you happy and if the success you want to attain will reinforce your life’s purpose.

I’d like to share this quote with you: “We have to really think about what makes us happy and if the work we do reinforces our sense of purpose. All your achievements and the rewards you’ll receive will be meaningless unless you’re passionate about what you do. So be determined and dedicated to whatever you want to succeed in, in life. Take advantage of the help offered you and remember that success is attainable for everyone.” – Cara Clay, The Chantilly Pyramid Minority Student Achievement Committee (CPMSAC), 32nd annual Youth Motivation and Academic Achievement Awards Program

Know why you want to become successful

Is it only because you are pressured by society or is it because it is something you sincerely want? In my case I want to be successful because I want to be able to reach a lot of people and share the story of my life. I want to be able to convince them that positivity can change the world and that we can change the world by simply and positively doing the things that we want. That nothing is impossible when you want to invest in yourself and that in extreme cases even sleeping can contribute to changing the world and in literal sleeping you can earn money.

For me money is not the goal only the tool that I need so I can live and share.

In the end we will all die and we cannot bring our money to the next life. It is the truth of being human. What we can leave behind is a legacy, memories of how we lived our life and how many people we made a positive impact too, and through our actions they too will be inspired and motivated by the ripple we created and we would have created a lasting change by starting a chain of positivity.

Success comes in milestones

Once you’ve gotten what you want you’ll end up wanting more that is the nature of humans, so feel free to set a slow realistic goal first, step by step and after that dream big and once you attain that dream even bigger. I remember when I was a child I just wanted to be an adult. In high school I just wanted to graduate and become a college student and in college I just wanted to graduate and get a job. Now that I’ve gotten a job  I just wanted to become financially stable, get my own home, and now I also want to have the ability and to help people.

Maybe today you’d think you will never be successful, remove that mindset. You will be successful and it may be hard but you will attain it by persevering, a sprinkle of luck and a lot of faith. Take a small step today, plan for your success.

Plan for Success

Write it down, blog it, create your vision board

Answer the following questions:

What do I need to reach my goal? Is it to learn a new skill? Is it to reach out to others? What is my timeline? Brainstorm with yourself and create a plan for you, a plan that you know is doable for you based on your personality. If you feel lost you can consult with a mentor or a life coach for starters but you have to remember that only you know the true and real you.

Write down how you want to begin, what steps you want to take and journal your journey.

People fear creating plans because they fear it might change. Don’t worry if small plans and goals change along the way as long as you take in the learning. For example, in 2016 I said that by 2018 I should have a new laptop, but as 2018 came and I reflected on my bigger goal I realized that I don’t need a new laptop at the moment and that my current one although old and slow still serves its bigger purpose. This is when Plan B’s also come into play. Last 2017, on my birthday  I planned a trip for me and my partner it was planned down to the final budget but in the end some plans just change and what’s important is you have a back up. In that case it was a good thing we brought extra money for the unexpected situations which arose.

Consistently take action, reflect, write it down, rinse and repeat

Take action. After you have mapped out the steps you need to do in order to achieve what you want you need to take action. In my case when I realized I needed to up skill myself I decided to join Facebook Groups so I can see what are the important skills in the industry I want to work in. I tried out their advices and then when anything goes wrong I ask and then do it again. I was also lucky when I was introduced to Hubspot inbound marketing. It’s really when I learned a lot about marketing and it made me realize that a lot can be learned in an online course as long as it was credible.

Writing or documenting your journey to success can seem like a lot of work in the beginning but it is a great motivation when you see how your life has changed through the times.

When I was undergoing my quarter life crisis, I mentioned I wrote letters to myself. That was how I was documenting my journey. Yearly, I would receive my letter from the previous one and say to myself; “Oh, how far I’ve come” and then smile to myself. It seems silly but it made me feel good.

If you also write it, it can be easier for you to narrate it to others in the long run. As we continually say what we want to achieve, we begin to believe it more and more. If we are talking about it then it must be possible. If we also tell it to ourself and to others we suddenly see how great the idea and the vision is and it will urge us to start doing.

Take the time to reflect from time to time just so to make sure that you are on the right track. In case you are not on the right track, it won’t be too late to change and fix the error.

In conclusion

There are many kinds of success, and each individual have their own set of unique dreams and then there are also many ways to achieve success. There are 7 ways to achieve it, or 100 ways to do it. You are an individual and success will come to you in your own time. In fact you can always declare that you are successful now if you are already happy with your current way of life. Success doesn’t have to be the time when there are no challenge anymore because if that was the case then people only become successful when they die.

Success is attainable you only have to believe it and live it.

Let me help you succeed. If you need advice in business development, digital marketing or graphic design then I am just a contact form away, contact me here and I’ll response to your query as soon as I can.

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